Travel Advice

Travel Advice


More and more individuals are travelling internationally now than ever before. International travel can lead to wonderful new experiences and lasting memories. Unfortunately, travel can also lead to health problems that range in severity from unpleasant to life threatening.

Travel related health problems arise from a variety of factors, including exposure to infectious organisms, the use of certain types of transportation, and participation in certain activities, such as diving and high-altitude hiking during travel. Travel-related health problems can also arise when a pre-existing medical condition worsens during travel.

Fortunately, most travel related health problems can be prevented with a combination of pre-travel planning, immunisations, and safety precautions during travel. If you are planning on travelling abroad, consult one of our travel pharmacists prior to travel (preferably at least one month before), who can provide immunisations, travel medications, and tips for staying healthy during the trip.

Our travel specialists can assist individuals planning travel abroad. A consultation provides an opportunity to discuss the specific details of travel. This information is necessary to formulate individualised travel related medical advice:

  • Duration of travel
  • Season of travel
  • Countries and regions that will be visited
  • Planned activities during travel
  • Place of residence during travel (for example, a modern hotel, rural home, campground)

Anyone who experiences symptoms of fever, diarrhoea, or rash following their return from international travel should consult their GP immediately.