What you need to know about Diptheria.

Diphtheria is a bacterial infection that causes a moderate sore throat. Sometimes the lining of the throat may swell causing difficulties in breathing. It is mainly spread by droplets expelled from the nose and mouth usually by breathing in Diphtheria bacteria after an infected person has coughed, sneezed or even laughed. It can also be spread by handling used tissues or by drinking from a glass used by an infected person.

Nearly one out of every ten people who get Diphtheria will die from it. Most cases occur among unvaccinated or inadequately vaccinated people. However, whether or not the patient dies depends on the severity of the illness, their level of immunity and the speed with which treatment is started.

High-risk areas

High-risk areas for Diphtheria include:

  • South America*
  • Central America*
  • India
  • South East Asia
  • Sub-Saharan Africa

*Parts of these regions only.

Signs and symptoms

Symptoms usually appear between two and seven days after you have been exposed to the bacteria and can include.

  • Breathing problem
  • Cough
  • Discharge and crusting around your nose
  • Fever
  • Hoarse voice
  • Sore throat
  • Swollen, tender glands in your neck
  • Pale, blue skin

The vaccine

The Diphtheria vaccine is usually combined with other vaccines, such as Tetanus and Polio (Revaxis).

Children under 10 years of age will receive their Diphtheria vaccine as part of their childhood vaccinations.

Children aged 10 or over and adults who have never been vaccinated will need to have three doses of the vaccine, one month apart.

Travellers should ensure that they have had a primary course of vaccine and receive a booster every 10 years if they are travelling to an area where Diphtheria, Tetanus or Polio are considered high risk. Our travel specialist can advise you on your requirements based on your itinerary, past history and time to travel.


VaccinationDosesSchedule and ValidityPrice*
Combined Hepatitis A + B (Twinrix)3Doses at month 0, 1 & 6.£95.00
Combined Hepatitis A + B Paediatric3Doses at month 0, 1 & 6.£75.00
Hepatitis A2Booster after 6-12 months.£50.00
Hepatitis A (Junior)2Booster after 6-12 months.£45.00
Hepatitis B (Engerix B)3Doses at 0, 1 & 6 months£50.00
Hepatitis B Paediatric3Doses at 0, 1 & 6 months£40.00
Combined Hepatitis A + Typhoid1Hep A booster after 6-12 months£75.00
*Price per dose. Please see the dosage to calculate the overall cost.
*Prices are subject to change please contact us for the latest pricing.