Hajj and Umrah

About Hajj And Umrah

Meningococcal (ACWY) Vaccination.

The Meningococcal (ACWY) Vaccine and Certificate is available to Muslim Pilgrims travelling for Hajj and Umrah at Armada Travel Clinic, at a cost of £35.00*.

The Meningococcal (ACWY) vaccine is a health requirement for individuals performing Hajj, a pilgrimage to Mecca which able-bodied Muslims are expected to undertake at least once in their lives.

This vaccine must be given no more than three years before travel and no less than 10 days before you are planning to arrive in Saudi Arabia.

It is also recommended to ensure you are up to date with Tetanus, Diphtheria and Hepatitis A vaccinations and also consider Typhoid vaccinations.

Hajj will take place once each year and as the vaccination is required before travel we recommend being vaccinated early. If you require a vaccination, contact our travel specialist to arrange a suitable time to be vaccinated.

Armada Travel Clinic also offers a Ramadan Medicines Use Review to Muslims who take prescription medicines and are fasting during Ramadan. Our Specialist Pharmacists can also support those who are looking to stop smoking.

Malaria medication is not usually recommended for Saudi Arabia, but mosquito bite avoidance advice, and general travel health recommendations is given to help you prepare for your Hajj or Umrah.

For more information on Hajj and Umrah Vaccination requirements, visit the Fit for Travel website.

* Cost per person per dose.